Bristol, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

Vio.let is a Drum and Bass violinist and composer based in Bristol, UK, signed to Fiber Records.

While undertaking her degree in Violin Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music in Cardiff, she was drawn across the pond to Bristol where she discovered her love of Drum and Bass and dance music.

Her playlists already full of DnB for years prior, the thriving Drum and Bass community in Bristol was a whole new world and definitely felt like home! Experiencing performances by major artists in venues across the city sparked an instant obsession that lead to part-time Events jobs in Drum and Bass companies across the UK, including Bedlam and Hospital Records.

Having made a wealth of contacts through Events work and determined to make a living in the industry, the release of Camo and Krooked’s ‘Red Bull Symphonic’ project was a pivotal moment. The discovery and unexpected popularity of orchestral Drum and Bass meant that combining Vio.let‘s two passions became a sudden possiblity. Live strings were a niche within the genre that producers were only just beginning to consider.

The international success of The Fiber Pianist lead Vio.let to get in contact with the Dutch record label, Fiber Records, who were keen to add more live classical artists to their roster. Shortly after signing to the label, Vio.let began her journey on Instagram, recording string covers of popular Drum and Bass tracks to an incredible reception. With the ability to write for a variety of string arrangements and a keen ear for improvisation, Vio.let‘s classical takes on Drum and Bass capture the rising emotions of vocal top lines combined with the complex background harmonies within tracks that are often overlooked.

With support from artists such as Keeno, Fred V, Mollie Collins, A Little Sound, Paper Dragon and Polaris, Vio.let is now working on a huge variety of exciting projects and releases on major labels.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass