The Hague, Netherlands

DJ Drum And Bass

VOXI is a drum & bass DJ based in The Hague (NL), who started mixing just before lockdown. During that time she focused on developing her skills and style by livestreaming weekly together with her partner Hidden Circuit, who is co-founder of Soul Patrol. Her selection ranges from soulful liquid, deep and techy minimal to dark rollers. After the lockdown was over VOXI committed herself to put herself out there. This resulted in her participation in a Liquicity Community Stream which landed her on the Nebula stage at Liquicity Festival after having won their DJ contest.

After this milestone, VOXI wanted to create a safe space for herself and other female DJs. To share experiences and help each other achieve their ambitions. She began sharing this idea with other female DJs in her network, resulting in a DJ collective called FLUX/X, together with 6 DJs, covering the full spectrum of drum & bass. FLUX/X is a DJ collective and talent platform that encourages inclusive stages in the Dutch drum & bass scene.

After working together with Dutch livestream platform Drumandbass.nl and uploading monthly mixes on Soundcloud, established drum & bass organizations Rolling in the Deep and Blackout took an interest in VOXI. She is part of the Rolling Selectors mix series and is booked for the opening slot at Blackout x Eatbrain.

DJ Drum And Bass Liquid Rollers Minimal Soulful Vocals Deep DarK Raw Subby Tech