Woven Thorns

Denver, United States

DJ Producer Dubstep 140

Formerly known as Kālī, Woven Thorns defines a new chapter of musical evolution and inspired, sonic experimentation. Utilizing the original project’s darker roots as a foundation, Woven Thorns offers a more refined and boundaryless extension, retaining shadowy undertones while articulating a sophisticated depth and broader range of emotions.

While distilling inspiration from a variety of genres and moods into one distinct body of work, Woven Thorns always aims to construct ordered beauty from the chaos of emotions with her music. With the initial namesake laid to rest, Woven Thorns will continue to carry forward the project’s central philosophy: to guide others in acknowledging and embracing the personal darkness within themselves, as a part of themselves, rather than denying or fearing it.

DJ Producer Dubstep 140