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BALANCE: The Push for Gender Equality Continues

As of the 8th of March, 2021, [International Women’s Day] Bournemouth-based underground events and artist management company House of Hi-Fi alongside forward-thinking d&b record label Onyx Recordings, launched a production initiative called ‘Balance’. The overall aim of this initiative is to provide womxn producers with a consistent platform to showcase their talent to a wider audience. Over the course of the 6 weeks following the initial announcement, female producers of all skill levels are invited to submit an original track of theirs for consideration and possible release of an EP through Onyx Recordings. “…This isn’t just about finding talent, it’s about building a supportive network of womxn by creating opportunities for future releases and label signings.” Considering the mentorship programs offered by collectives such as the mighty EQ50 and Hospital Womxn in D&B, this new initiative is a glimmer of hope and brilliant move for these relatively new companies.

Both House of Hi-fi and Onyx Recordings take pride in being a part of making that difference in our drum and bass scene moving forward: with a focus on closing the gender imbalance gap and supporting womxn in D&B. They do know this initiative is merely a small gesture in the grand scheme of things; but it is something that each brand hopes can bring more talented womxn to the table, help them grow and develop as artists. That AND wanting to set an example for labels and other brands/companies: being part of those who are calling on them to be sure that they actively diversify their rosters and line-ups for years to come in the future of drum and bass and beyond.

If you or any other womxn you know would want to apply and take advantage of this opportunity, then please click below and be sure to let them know:

House of Hi-Fi & Onyx Recordings: BALANCE application form



Words by Sofi Mari